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#UNO Uniendo Nuestro Orígenes

The Paseo de la Castellana is one of the most representative real estate axis of the City of Madrid, considered a prime real estate area. Castellana 278 and Colonia de San Cristobal, create the east “façade” of the last section of this Madrid Avenue. Several urban transformations that began with the Cuatro Torres, and which are expected to be continued with the Madrid Nuevo Norte Project, make these areas of opportunity. The project aims to explore the possibility of comprehensive rehabilitation of the area and propose a model of rehabilitation that allows for the transformation of the area and obtaining a successful real estate model.
  • Date

    July 2019

  • Program

    Master in Real Estate Development
  • Author (Students)

    Julia Castaño

    John Francisco Vigil

    Sergio Arturo Corona

    Gerardo Quiros

    Pieter Declercq

  • Tutors

    Marga Chiclana

    Julián Labarra


The Hold Co. is an investment capital venture which main purpose is to acquire, promote, and retrofit a Real Estate mixture of products. Such products mentioned are located along the Castellana Axis, North of Madrid, Spain. #UNO Madrid Complex (Existing Asset Retrofit) aims to solve the lack of community sense by reviving the outdated Colonia San Cristóbal and associating the Castellana Corner Complex to the Castellana Norte District as the “new beginning”.

Rebranding this area will help create greater footfall and, thus, “crossed sell economy” with the 4 Towers area. With a thorough mix of alternate uses, such as Co-Living, Co-Working, Student Apartments, Flexible Spaces for offices, Retail & Services, Smart Parking Hub, etc., the promotion will create its own target demand. Using sustainable design technologies, such as Proptech implementations; as well as operating with the right partners, this project will succeed against its competitors.

The strategy to maximize revenue for this venture is: Acquire – Refurbish – Enable.