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Understanding Different Fields in International Relations: Aid, International Development and Social Entrepreneurship


The Aid, International Development and Social Entrepreneurship course provides students an understanding of several important fields in the International Relations arena. Students firstly explore the concept of development, analysing its different definitions and measurements, and the key factors to understand poverty and inequality. Secondly, they will develop an in-depth understanding of the complexities embedded in the international aid context. And lastly, students explore the concept of social entrepreneurship, business at the base of pyramid and social impact investing.

As the students are currently doing a dual degree between International Relations and Business Administration, they were very interested in finding a intermediate point where they could apply their diverse expertise. Hence, the goal of the final assignment was to create a social enterprise which would be graded by its social impact and its financial sustainability. As they had to work in groups they had the chance to combine their collective intelligence to generate a great array of impressive solutions. Generating cheap energy for electricity, using block chain to assist refugees, proving platforms for social business in developing countries.

The students ended the course not only by acquiring a number of valuable skills for their professional career but also believing that they have talent and opportunity to make the world a better place.

Borja Santos, Adjunt Professor at IE School of Global and Public Affairs