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How can we design a more inclusive world? Perspectives from architecture and international relations

Perspectives from architecture and international relations | IE

As part of IE Sustainability Week, Susana Malcorra, Dean of the IE School of Global and Public Affairs, and Martha Thorne, Dean of IE School of Architecture and Design, explore how to design a more inclusive world, bringing together perspectives from architecture and international relations.

“For inclusiveness, I believe we need a defining policy and having governments, private sector and civil society work together within their space to really make things happen.” said Susana Malcorra in this conversation moderated by Raquel Hazeu, President of the IE University  SDG’s Club Madrid Chapter.

“If we want to include and not divide people, to offer equal access urban services, then the layout of our cities has to be inclusive,” added Martha Thorne. “People at every level in the community must feel empowered and have a voice about what the physical environment should contain.”

According to Susana Malcorra, in order to rebuild the fabric of our societies to make them more inclusive, we have to recognise that a new social compact is needed. “We need to find ways to establish a dialogue that recognises the other. Half of the society doesn’t even recognise themselves in the other half.” she highlighted.

Martha Thorne explained that the tendency of architecture, design and urbanism is towards collaboration. “Those who can operate successfully in a collaborative environment will be more fulfilled,” she emphasised.  “The old models of power, of control, of being the single author, will have no place in the future.”

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