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#MiEuropa2030: Videos for the EU

#MiEuropa2030: Videos for the EU | IE School of Global and Public Affairs

Bachelor in International Relations students participate in #MiEuropa2030 contest with the aim to make short videos to educate, inform and help young people understand the problems that the EU is currently facing. This contest was organized by ECFR, the German embassy and esglobal.

The EU is undergoing profound change. In response to the EU’s evolving environment, this group of IE University students decided to inform and educate European youth on the problems the EU is facing. Gathering first-hand experiences from their peers, the team created a series of video clips that not only act as testament to the union’s struggles today, but offer a message of hope and strength that reaffirms the EU’s mission.

Diego Álvarez Rojas | IE GPA

We spoke to team member Diego Rojas Álvarez, a second-year business administration & international relations student, on his experience participating in the #MiEuropa2030 project.

Why did you participate in #MiEuropa2030? How did you find out about this contest?

I participated in this contest because I think communication is essential in allowing governments to accomplish everything on their agenda. By joining this competition, I hoped to develop new skills and be able to find practical solutions. Furthermore, I wanted to network and work with new people.

I found out about this contest through announcements on both The Stork and on the IE School of Global and Public Affairs websites. This contest gave me the opportunity to participate in a competition closely related to my field of study.


What was your proposal about? Where did this idea come from?

We came up with a proposal of making short animated video clips with information from first-hand sources, such as some of our peers’ personal experiences. Our proposal was to make these short videos to educate, inform and help young people understand the problems that the EU is currently facing.

This idea came from the personal experiences of all of the team members and the speculations we had about young people and their behavior on social media.


As a team, what were the challenges that you faced along the way?

In the beginning, we didn’t know each other. We all came from different countries and cultures and studied different courses, which made the decision-making process hard to establish. After debating and discussing our opinions and proposals, the team worked together on the most popular option.


How was the work divided among the team?

We tried to assign work to each member in terms of the activities that each of us did best. Some were in charge of the research and development of the videos, while others were in charge of writing the scripts and outlining the actual message that we wanted to deliver.


What goal do you want to achieve with this work? Will you continue to work on this project?

Our main goal was to connect with young people and transmit a message of hope and strength. We wanted to deliver an easy and effective message to each person who is skeptical about the EU.

At the moment, there are no plans to continue, but if the opportunity were to present itself, I would love to.

“Our main goal was to connect with young people and transmit a message of hope and strength.”


How does participating in this kind of project help you build your personal and professional path?

This was a very practical and positive experience. The ambassador gave us their instructions and we were surrounded by many experienced people. It helped me network while finding optimal solutions to crucial problems.

Two of the best skills that I was able to reinforce were communication and teamwork. Competing in these types of events helps me to grow as a person and start building my portfolio of work experience.


What are your recommendations and conclusions for the future?

I would recommend that everyone participate in these types of events, without doubting their project or ability. At first, we thought our idea was not that good, but in the end—with effort, dedication and by believing in the project—we were able to deliver something really great.

The project can be viewed by clicking this link.