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IE Master in International Relations Students Participate in NASPAA-Batten Global Migration Simulation Competition.


Four members of the current Master in International Relations class had the opportunity to represent IE School of Global & Public Affairs at the 2019 NASPAA-Batten Simulation Competition. It was the first competition IE students have attended after the IE School of Global & Public Affairs was accepted as an official member of NASPAA. The event was hosted in different sites around the world, and our Master in International Relations students had the pleasure of travelling to Maastricht to compete at the UNU-Merit University.

The 2019 simulation dealt with the relevant topic of migration. Each team served as the administration of a country within the simulated world of Altrippa. Members took on the roles of Prime Minister, Minister of Labor, Minister of Health and Human Services, Home Office Secretary, and the regional ATG group delegate. The IE group was assigned to Capalla, a landlocked country bordering the first receiving country.

team-photo-naspaaAfter a practice round, Team Capalla got right to work for Game 1. Game 1 served as an important learning experience for the group, and Team Capalla performed much better in Game 2, staying within budget constraints for the country better and improving its human rights score immensely. Overall, the simulation was very successful and a great chance for the IE team to learn and to connect with public policy students from around the globe.Student Impressions

Keely Bass
“The NASPAA competition was a great learning experience and an amazing opportunity to see the challenges and nuances that come with policymaking in times of international crisis. We had the chance to meet colleagues from all over Europe including, Brussels, U.K., and even Russia, who all shared a similar passion for international affairs and policy development. Overall the competition was a very position experience and we really enjoyed our time in Maastricht. I would recommend future MIR students to participate and make the most out of the competition.”

Kelcie Elizabeth Sellers
“It was an honor to be selected to represent IE as the inaugural team at the competition. The competition encouraged us to think differently and place ourselves fully within our assigned roles. Though we represented different schools, and played as members of different countries within the simulation, it was amazing to see how all students were all able to work together and collaborate for the common good.

Derek Benjamin
“Attending the NASPAA 2018-2019 simulation in behalf of IE was an honor. Our team prepared extensively for the competition with lots of research and help from IE professors. At the event, our team was very much in sync, and we did our best to stay within the goals. It was challenging at times because our country was a buffer state. Overall, I’m proud of our results, both for ourselves and as representatives of IE.”

Johann Diaz Manzano
“NASPAA brought together teams from the best universities in the field of public policy. This experience was both challenging and stimulating in the sense that we were not given full knowledge about all aspects going on at the same time. That made it difficult to deal with the crisis appropriately. My main takeaway from this experience is that crisis management requires an inclusive policy cycle from policy formulation to policy evaluation, with an eye set on the long term.”