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Ángel Alonso Arroba appointed as new Vice Dean of IE School of Global and Public Affairs

IE University announce the appointment of Ángel Alonso Arroba as new Vice Dean for Management and Development of the School of Global and Public ...

27 / 10 / 2021


IE School of Global and Public Affairs hosted the speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey at the IE Tower

Dean Manuel Muñiz and Mustafa Şentop had a conversation on Turkey’s view of global politics, its relations with the European Union and Covid19.

30 / 09 / 2021


Manuel Muñiz rejoins IE University as Provost, and as Dean of IE School of Global and Public Affairs

As Provost of IE, Manuel Muñiz will drive the university's international expansion and create and consolidate new strategic alliances.

31 / 08 / 2021


IE University and The Spanish Exporters’ and Investors Club sign an agreement to promote Spanish Companies internationally

IE University and The Spanish Exporters and Investors Club will cooperate on training leaders and managers to face the new challenges posed in ...

21 / 07 / 2021


The United Nations Development Programme and IE School of Global and Public Affairs sign an alliance to enhance capacities for sustainable development

The UNDP and GPA School join forces to foster the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

06 / 05 / 2021


Using Augmented Reality to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a shared blueprint for long-term peace and prosperity for everyone on the planet.

26 / 03 / 2021


IE University participates in the European project 1Planet4All to combat climate crisis

1Planet4All is a pan-European project that brings together young individuals to help achieve the 2023 objectives.

25 / 03 / 2021


Developing a new social contract in Latin America

Susana Malcorra and Rebeca Gryspan discuss the effects of COVID-19 in Latin America, and how the region can move forward.

05 / 03 / 2021


New materials for educational purposes and beyond

IE University graduate Ricardo Maia discusses his collaborative research with two IE professors, on pedagogical innovation in a technology-driven ...

05 / 02 / 2021


#MiEuropa2030: Videos for the EU

Bachelor in International Relations students participate in #MiEuropa2030 contest with the aim to make short videos to educate, and help young people.

28 / 01 / 2021


How can we design a more inclusive world? Perspectives from architecture and international relations

As part of IE Sustainability Week, Susana Malcorra and Martha Thorne explore how to design a more inclusive world.

30 / 11 / 2020


The Recovery and Resilience Fund: Breakthrough for a stronger Europe?

An evening of conversation on the agreement to unlock de EU Recovery Fund.

13 / 11 / 2020


Fighting fake news and protecting fact-checkers

Reyung Cho, Andrew Moorman and Dominic Johnson-Kerr, Master in International Development students, worked together on their capstone project to fight ...

05 / 11 / 2020