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Competing for Order. Confronting the Long Crisis of Multilateralism

IE School of Global & Public Affairs and The Brookings Institution hosted a virtual debate with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha Gonzalez ...

06 / 10 / 2020


A New Partnership to Strengthen Democratic Values in a Globalised World

IE University and the World Leadership Alliance-Club of Madrid will cooperate on educational and knowledge dissemination activities.

19 / 06 / 2020


Manuel Muñiz, Dean of IE School of Global & Public Affairs of IE University, new Secretary of State for Global Spain

As Dean, Manuel Muñiz diversified the school’s activity allowing it to become a reference in the field of international relations internationally.

28 / 01 / 2020


Inside Diplomacy with the Ambassadors of Serbia, Lebanon and New Zealand to Spain

Discussing the role of diplomacy from a different lens, the ambassadors of Serbia, Lebanon and New Zealand to Spain — Katarina Lalic Smajevic, Hala ...

25 / 04 / 2019


Women in Economic Leadership- Ending the Discrimination Between Women and Men is Our Pending Priority as Societies in the XXI Century

Discussing one of the most pressing issues of our time, five leading women in the field of economics gathered Jan. 16 at IE's Aula Magna to share ...

30 / 01 / 2019


How Countries All Over the World are Responding to the 2030 Agenda – and How You Can Help!  

Launched at a UN Summit in New York in September 2015, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a detailed plan set out to end poverty in every ...

28 / 01 / 2019


Killer cotton: Fashion’s parasitic relationship with Indian farmers, Bachelor in International Relations student Wesley Swan explains his analysis

Clothing manufacturers are preying on the developing world for their cheap capital and labor to maintain speedy production. Fast fashion, the ...

16 / 01 / 2019


Harvard, IE and the Rafael del Pino Foundation Bring Together World Experts to Examine the Future of Transatlantic Relations  

The future of transatlantic relations will be the central issue discussed this weekend at the Transatlantic Conference, an international event ...

08 / 07 / 2018


Observatory on the European Union: Italy After The Elections and Within The EU

“The government of change”, this is how the new Italian government, which lies on the agreement between the 5 Star Movement and the Northern ...

18 / 06 / 2018


Observatory on the European Union: with an introduction by Josep Borrell, Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Josep Borrell, was at IE University on Monday to examine the performance of science, research ...

12 / 06 / 2018


Discussion and Q&A with E. Glen Weyl, Luis Garicano and Daniel Kselman

Last week The Center for the Goverence of Change hosted an event with economist, author and visting Yale professor E. Glen Weyl to discuss his book ...

28 / 05 / 2018


Observatory on Latin American Politics: Future Challenges with Luis Alberto Moreno

Amid the profound societal changes Latin America has been experiencing, the region’s middle class nearly doubled in size over the past decade, this ...

22 / 05 / 2018