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Observatory on the European Union: with an introduction by Josep Borrell, Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Josep Borrell, was at IE University on Monday to examine the performance of science, research ...

12 / 06 / 2018


Discussion and Q&A with E. Glen Weyl, Luis Garicano and Daniel Kselman

Last week The Center for the Goverence of Change hosted an event with economist, author and visting Yale professor E. Glen Weyl to discuss his book ...

28 / 05 / 2018


Observatory on Latin American Politics: Future Challenges with Luis Alberto Moreno

Amid the profound societal changes Latin America has been experiencing, the region’s middle class nearly doubled in size over the past decade, this ...

22 / 05 / 2018


3rd Annual European Union Simulation in Segovia

The European Union Simulation is an event held by the Bachelor of International Relations and is focused on simulating the EU governing body and the ...

04 / 05 / 2018


IE and Harvard: Building bridges between Europe and the United States

There's a crisis in the transatlantic, and that’s why more than ever we need to build stronger bridges. On Wednesday April 24th, Harvard’s ...

27 / 04 / 2018


Trump’s strike didn’t stop Assad last year and won’t stop him now

Professor Ibrahim Al-Marashi (a visiting professor at IE School of Global and Public Affairs), wrote in Al-Jazeera English in April 2018 that ...

19 / 04 / 2018


Ngaire Woods and the reshaping of the global governance system

The reshaping of the global governance system is on the top of the international relations agenda and it seems as if it may well be for some time. ...

28 / 02 / 2018


Rohingya Crisis and UN involvement

Why Pragmatism is Key to Humanitarian Resolve.

21 / 02 / 2018


The Nobel Peace Prize José Ramos-Horta analyzed at IE the new challenges for democracy in the 21st century

José Ramos-Horta, ex-president of Timor-Leste and Nobel Peace Prize, participated yesterday in a conference organized by IE and the Club de Madrid ...

31 / 01 / 2017


Why we’re not looking up to the west anymore

When I was 7, growing up in a Czechoslovakia that had just recently shed Communist rule, my family took me on a trip to Hanover, Germany, to visit ...

16 / 03 / 2016


IE International Relations Master Class in Washington D.C.

Last month the IE Master in International Relations Academic Director and Professor, Daniel Kselman, travelled to Washington D.C. where he gave a ...

18 / 11 / 2015


A day at the Madrid + 10: Policy dialogue on preventing & countering violent extremism part 2

Representing ie university as a ‘scribe’ at the Madrid+10 Policy Dialogue on “Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism” organized by the ...

05 / 11 / 2015


A day at the Madrid + 10: Policy dialogue on preventing & countering violent extremism part 1

Just like a great presentation does, the opening ceremony of the “MADRID +10: Policy Dialogue on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism” ...

04 / 11 / 2015