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The MIR family on exchange In Paris

Pursuing a Master in International Relations at IE in Madrid is more than getting exposed to a great variety of courses, acquiring hard and soft skills, and spending endless hours working as teams. The MIR opens so many more doors. It is all about #goingbeyond. Upon completion of 10 compulsory months in Madrid, you can add an exchange semester in Paris.

Always dreamt about living in the capital of France?

This is an opportunity that you should not miss. This year, Daniel Morales, Kiyeon Kim and myself were lucky enough to get accepted at Sciences Po Paris, and we are honoured to represent IE and the MIR. Parisian life is filled with lots of culture and museums, strolls through the beautiful French streets or along the Seine, red wine and good cheese.

Wondering what Sciences Po is all about?

Studying at a top university like Sciences Po enables people from the MIR family to specialise even more. While one of us is pursuing the IR branch, the other two of us are pursuing the Economic and Business branch, taking classes in digital business strategies, finance projects, accounting, doing business in emerging markets and more. These additional classes help us further enhance our skillset to ultimately transition into an international job-market.

What is the added value of Sciences Po?

Besides specializing an extra semester in the direction of your choice, Paris is a global networking hub. Seminars, corporate breakfasts and company presentations happen every week around campus. And, on Friday 30 September, Sciences Po students gathered at Maison de la Chimie in the heart of Paris for a Business Career Fair. Over 85 companies were present, covering diverse sectors like banking, consulting, luxury and retail. It was an opportunity for us to ask questions and make contacts, ultimately giving our CV and applying for internships or jobs.

Written by: Sophie Bik