“I’ve had a very positive experience in the EMIT program. The curriculum is well designed as is developed in line with world trends and international news.”

Ahmadou, Senegal

Executive Master in International Trade

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Ahmadou Kane

About me

I was born and raised in Senegal, where my whole family still lives. After finishing my high school studies, I left Senegal and carried out my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in both France and the US. I am cautious when it comes to making decisions and find I am most motivated when under pressure. That said, once I do make a decision, I fully commit to it. In my free time, I am passionate about documentaries, reading, traveling and discovering new things.

Ahmadou Kane, Senegal


Master’s student
Legal Services

Empowering future leaders in international trade

Ahmadou credits the Executive Master in International Trade with further exposing him to the world of international trade and allowing him to gain much more knowledge in areas he was previously unfamiliar with. He believes that these new insights are extremely useful for his job and will provide him with new opportunities.

“The program’s material is very useful for my current job as I have refreshed my knowledge on negotiations, which I need in my day-to-day.”

He goes on to make special mention of other courses that deal with value chains and standards and regulations. But Ahmadou’s views on leadership are what help him to get the most out of his team at work. In his current role, where he leads a team of three people, he cites his ability to delegate effectively and empower his team as his greatest strengths as a leader.

When asked his opinion on the role the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) plays in academia, Ahmadou speaks positively about its inclusion in the program. He says that the ITFC allows students to experience practical areas of international trade, providing much-needed real-world experience. He believes that the inclusion of the ITFC readies students to become incorporated immediately into a similar professional environment, having entirely up-to-date knowledge.

Overall, Ahmadou believes his experience in the Executive Master in International Trade to be very positive. He highlights his exposure to other classmates, who come from various backgrounds and are able to provide enriching insights into trade. He believes the curriculum and program are both well designed, having been developed in line with world trends and current international news.