"I have always sought out opportunities and experiences that enhance my greater perspective of the world"

Daniel, Australia

Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations

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Daniel Bloch

About me

I already knew around the age of 15 that I would look to pursue international options for my University studies; it was more a matter of where I would end up, rather than if I would leave Australia. With this in mind, I have always been intrigued by travel, the experiencing of new cultures and most of all, learning about the different manners of interaction, thought process and varying customs one might find in different locations around the world. In turn, IE University became a clear standout choice for me as it offered such a unique, international and innovative approach to tertiary education.

What especially enthused me about coming to the institution was the thought of taking diverse courses ranging from the History of International Relations to Entrepreneurship and Innovation, all within a small class environment that was yet made up of 20-odd nationalities: An opportunity that is as rare as it is enriching and invaluable!

Net2Work – Business Development

In approaching the halfway point of my 5-year Double Degree, I can reflect upon how fortunate I have been for the various opportunities that have come directly from my network and foundations at IE University. In the 2.5-year period, I have been afforded several academic and professional experiences that have taken me to 4 different continents. In reflecting upon the Top 3 experiences I have had in this time, I first look back to the Summer of 2016 that followed my 1st year at IE.

For the month of July in 2016, I was fortunate enough to take a summer exchange placement at one of IE’s partner institutions, Brown University.

The exchange certainly complimented my international relations studies at IE with great effectiveness.

As one of the 8 Ivy League establishments in the USA, the credentials of Brown need no introduction. It was a great privilege to study in such a prestigious university, sitting what was a thoroughly insightful course entitled “International Ethics for a World in Transition.” I look back on this month with very fond memories; the exchange certainly complimented my international relations studies at IE with great effectiveness. But as it were, my summer was only just getting started.

Within 2 days of leaving Rhode Island and Brown University in late July, I was working at a young Tech-Medical startup called Dem Dx in London. The company, which was in its infancy at the time, brought me on as a Market Research and Strategy Intern, in which I would help to globally launch their brand new digital diagnostic application. It was a sensational experience for me at the time, particularly as a 19-year old who was yet to taste any business-related professional experience. I was included within all aspects of the business, including the development of business strategies, analysing and re-evaluating the company’s cost structure, the conducting of market research, as well as physically creating some digital content for the company’s marketing pursuits.

By the end of the 2-month stint at Dem Dx, I left with a significantly motivated mindset and enhanced perspective of “the real world,” which had me as determined as ever to excel in my studies. This whole experience came about through networking; in connecting with an IE Business School alumni who happened to be one of the COO’s of Dem Dx at the time, I was ultimately offered the opportunity to head over to London for a stint at the company!

The 3rd experience came about in August 2017, in which I was invited to attend the highly-accredited South American Business Forum or SABF in Buenos Aires. The conference, which was hosted by Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires, brought together 100 selected students from around the world to come and collaborate with 40 leading professionals from business, government and academic backgrounds. By “Chasing a Shared Purpose,” the conference sought to stimulate dialogue regarding some of the world’s most currently relevant topics such as the rise of artificial intelligence, the heightened need for empathic design and approaches to business, and the ever-present need to find green-business solutions to traditional industries (just to name a few). Beyond the profoundly thought-provoking nature of the discussions, seminars and workshops, the SABF was an unrivalled networking experience in which I made many great new friends and professional advisors.

Once again, it was my IE connections that made this priceless experience a reality for me. In this case, it was simply a matter of reading about the conference on a post that was placed upon the IE Student Life page by a fellow student; simply speaking, without that post I would have never of known about the SABF, let alone had the inclination to apply!

These are just some of the incredible opportunities and foundations that have come as a direct result of being a part of the IE community.

These are just some of the incredible opportunities and foundations that have come as a direct result of being a part of the IE community. The point to be made is that as an IE student, I have truly been provided with such a varied array of unbelievable experiences and opportunities, which I doubt I could have ever been exposed to at any other institution around the world. The wealth of resources, experiences and opportunities that all IE Students can gain access to cannot be understated, and it is one of the defining factors that separates IE University from the rest.