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Isabella, Colombia

Master in International Relations

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Isabella Guzman

About me

Hailing originally form Cali, Colombia, I am an architect of profession and a current student at the Master in international relations at IE. Driven by a strong vocation of believing in human kind, I started building a career in sustainable development and infrastructure projects. IE’s MIR experience has brought me the possibility to contribute in many ways to the diversity of my interests, cultivating great enthusiasm towards facing new challenges.

Currently I am a Communications and Business development manager at CDM Smith Latin America in Bogota. Here I have been able to help and work with others who have encouraged me to engage in different strategies towards the transformation of communities around the world. As a passionate bridge builder between people I believe we can change our part of the world by inspiring friends and colleagues to promote social and environmental actions for the benefit of society.

Isabella Guzman, 28, Colombia


CDM Smith - Business Development Manager

A Strong believer that the world belongs to those who dare.  My story always goes back to a common place – building up memories by moving away from my comfort zone to follow what makes me happy. I decided to come to IE a few years ago when I read about the Master in International Relations for the first time. I remember having hesitations about other schools because of my job commitments, but I guess a part of me knew IE and Madrid was the place to build the most life changing memories. Today, a few months away from graduation I consider myself one of Madrid’s most vivid fans, a place I now call my second home.brussels

My IE experience has been one of the most gratifying ones of my life, a place where I have been able to learn from my professors and classmates from all around the world. It represents today, a powerful instrument in my desire to leave a positive footprint in the world by empowering and inspiring others through trust and passion for what you love. Fundamentally, being part of IE´s MIR program has represented the opportunity to broaden my educational spectrum, enhancing my capabilities and complementing the path I have chosen: working for the improvement of quality of life of communities around the world.

Given my interest in international development and my degree in architecture, I wanted to find a program that could give me strength in some of the areas in which I had no formal studies.

The MIR has contributed in consolidating my desire to understand the different territories around the world – their societies, economics, politics – obtaining tools to complement my capabilities in seeking a constructive impact.



The Multi-sector approach across the public, private, and non-profit sectors provided in the MIR has pushed me forward into building up processes that truly effect change on a broader spectrum. A path that I have proven is only possible through leadership, conviction, and teamwork.

I consider myself someone that works to make things happen by recognizing that every human being is capable of transforming his/her life with the support of leaders that build the conditions for this to happen. Surrounding myself by other great leaders that complement my weaknesses, is a key to success. If we believe in an idea together, we are capable of building a coalition for the wellbeing of future generations.