WE ARE A RESEARCH, CONTENT AND NETWORKING POWERHOUSE At IE University, we are committed to research and innovation to keep ourselves on the cutting edge.

Centers & initiatives

IE School of Global and Public Affairs is committed to excellence in research and innovation, and works continuously to further its position as a leader in international affairs. Its faculty has published many books, journal articles, case studies and papers.

IE School of Global and Public Affairs is working to develop research centers that will strengthen the school’s academic offerings by producing high-quality research and generating international networks of experts that can be be leveraged to enhance the quality of our teaching.

The centers will be funded by public and private donors and will produce both academic and non-academic publications, offer fellowships and host events. They will also act as international hubs for practitioners and researchers, and as the anchors for partnerships with top-tier institutions such as MIT, Harvard University and the Atlantic Council.

Center for the Governance of Change

The Center seeks to improve our ability to anticipate, manage, and foster change in its different forms, in a variety of domains—political, economic and social.

The world is changing more quickly than ever in ways that humankind has not experienced before. As a result, governments, companies and societies must learn to adapt at the same pace.

To aid in this process, we are creating the Center for the Governance of Change, a research institution that will enhance our ability to anticipate, manage and foster change. It will be based at IE School of Global and Public Affairs in Madrid.

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This initiative aims to strengthen research and teaching on Transatlantic issues, particularly European and North American social, economic, political, security and environmental challenges.

Cooperation among Western democracies and markets is becoming ever more crucial in global economic and security issues. European politics today often fails to focus on Transatlantic relations, despite its applications to global challenges such as democratization, terrorism, trade, or the drug trade. IE’s Transatlantic Relations Initiative fosters applied and interdisciplinary work on these issues.

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PublicTech Lab

The Lab aims to bring together entrepreneurs and the public sector in a technology based society.

Using new technologies and open innovation strategies to create, experiment and scale new solutions, the PublicTech Lab’s focuses on three different areas; Education, Acceleration, and Catalyzation.

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We connect international start-ups with investors, accelerators & thought leaders worldwide!

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