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Cultivating critical thinking is more important than ever

Date: 05/05/2020

Author(s): Borja Santos Porras

Publication: Ethic

“I am myself and my circumstance, and if I do not save it, I do not save myself,” said the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset. After many weeks confined in our homes, the philosophy behind these words has become fundamental. Not so much for the strict sense of surviving the pandemic, but for the effect of this new context: the way it conditions us and impacts our mental health, behavior and, ultimately, our happiness.

For Ortega y Gasset, the degree to which an event affects us is determined not so much by what happens, but by the way in which we interpret it. In order to achieve a virtuous interpretation of the current context, critical thinking is essential. The university, in addition to being a space for sharing knowledge, must become a space for transforming young people. An environment where they continue to learn to think, dare to use their own reason (sapereaude), understand and control their emotions, better interpret their context and act within it in an exemplary way.