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Trump’s strike didn’t stop Assad last year and won’t stop him now


Professor Ibrahim Al-Marashi (a visiting professor atIE School of Global and Public Affairs), wrote in Al-Jazeera English in April 2018 that Trump’s strike on Syria was “symbolic,” as cruise missile attacks achieve little in the long run in changing a targeted government’s behavior.

On Tuesday, just a few days before the most recent military strike, he anticipated in an article for Middle East Eye another American attack on Syria. In both April 2017 and 2018. Trump’s rationale for ordering the attacks is likely the same: distract from domestic crises and discredit Obama’s failure to enforce his red-line in 2013.  In the following Al-Jazeera article he examines how the outcome is also the same. In both years these ad-hoc punitive strikes ultimately revealed that the U.S. does not have a long-term strategy in Syria.

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