Having lunch with an IE Professor, Borja Santos Porras

Having lunch with Borja was great! Not only It was a new experience, but also an excellent opportunity. It was the first time we had participated in an initiative of this kind, and we got the chance to meet our professor without all the barriers that a class can have. Besides, we got to know more about the education and professional career of our Aid, Development and Social Entrepreneurship professor.

imagen-web-escuela-de-relaciones-internacionales-nuevo-articulo-2The promotion of this kind of initiatives shows how both the professor and the students want to further their learning, and go beyond the relationship built in class in order to engage in interesting discussions that we cannot hold in class because of lack of time. On top of this, it means that students are passionate about the course and that the professor is truly interested in our academic education.

Our lunch started with an initial presentation of each of the student. Each one would talk about their favorite subjects, life motivation and desired career path. Besides, we also debated some hot topics in International Relations.

For those interested in careers in aid, development and social entrepreneurship, this kind of meeting provides the perfect occasion to learn more about the professional background of the professor in a more informal way, and about the future professional aspirations of your colleagues. Moreover, Borja was very helpful with suggesting possible internships that we can do or how to orient our career path to achieve our desired goals.

Nonetheless, as we were quite a lot, there was not that much time to discuss all we would have wanted. Hence, it would be great if the university would support this kind of initiatives so that they happen more often as they are very enriching.

Written by Elena Ballesteros, current student from the Bachelor in Business Administration and the Bachelor in International Relations at IE University.