Bachelor in Information Systems ManagementDrive transformation with tech innovation


4 years




Segovia and Madrid

Become a technologies maverick. Transform the world through innovation.

Digital technology has already changed the way world works. From products and services, to operations and processes, to communication… technology has transformed industries, the economy, our daily lives. This program will prepare you to innovatively use and create technology to drive change, growth and improvement. Through hands-on, experiential learning, you will develop an innovation mindset, ready to harness the power of technology to solve the most difficult problems in business, health, the environment, security, and communication. You will learn to build the technology that will shape the future.

Why the Bachelor in Information Systems Management?

This program has been developed for students fascinated by technology, ready to break barriers and innovatively solve today’s most difficult challenges. You will learn the most cutting-edge tech and innovation methodology, preparing you to build the digital tech of the future.


  • Year one


    In your first year you will build a foundation in information technology. You will take courses in math, software and hardware, information systems management and begin programming. You will start to understand how tech and innovation can be applied to optimize business performance in areas like marketing, finance and IT.

  • Year two


    In your second year you will take a deeper dive into the latest digital tech. You will work with databases and data modeling and information technologies for businesses, and take tech-focused courses in marketing, operations, economics, accounting, finance, and strategy dynamics. You will apply your learning to solve complex business problems.

  • Year three

    Advanced tech

    This year is about becoming a digital tech guru. You will learn data analytics, networks, cybersecurity, business intelligence, big data, systems design and analysis, AI, and robotics. Technical skills will be matched with soft skills enabling you to become a well rounded professional capable of successfully leading and managing teams.

  • Year four

    Applied knowledge

    You will continue to build your tech acumen, working with and building digital tech. You will also work with topics like innovation economics, agile and lean methodologies, consulting skills, change management, and negotiation skills. In this final year you will intern at an exciting company and complete a final project as the culmination of everything you have learned in the program.

An innovative approach

Be inspired by experts

Your teachers will not only understand digital technology and innovation, they are the professionals who are using digital tech to innovatively change the world right now.


This program is designed to prepare versatile professionals ready to enter the new world of work. As an innovative problem solver ready to use tech to solve complex problems, you will be an essential asset at any company or organization.

Hands-on learning

Practical challenges throughout the program, an internship and a final project (that could become your new start-up) mean you will be gaining practical experience throughout the program.


You will not only become an expert in digital technologies you will study critical topics like the economics of technology, innovation management, change management and leadership, preparing you to innovate and lead in the new world of work.

International environment

Learning with students from around the globe means you will hear incredibly diverse perspectives and ideas and gain the skills needed to work in the most diverse teams.

Hard and soft skills

This program focuses on hands-on work with real world technologies like ERP, CRM, cloud, and mobile applications, but you will also learn the soft skills you need to successfully lead and manage innovation teams.