Research and Innovation

IE School of Communication focuses on the practical and profesional dimensions of communication, with a strong emphasis on innovation. That is why the school also conducts and applied research that produces synergies between different disciplines such as communication, management, sociology, humanities, psychology, linguistics, design, and law.

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The full-time, adjunct and visiting faculty of IE School of Communication is involved in numerous kinds of research, innovation, and development projects in four main areas:

1. Visual and Digital Media

  • Interactive documentaries
  • Representations of marginal realities and conflicts
  • Essay film
  • Transmedia storytelling
  • Intermediality and intercultural mediation
  • New media art
  • Affective interactive hyper-film
  • Technology and business
  • UX design
  • Emotional design
  • Strategic innovation and design thinking

2. Cultural Industries and Social Movements

  • Representation, media and minorities
  • Globalization and social movements
  • The politics of difference in managerial discourses
  • LGBT and  media studies
  • Ethnography of cultural production

3. Corporate Communication

  • Communicating corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Dialogue, co-creation and branding
  • Corporate reputation, digital and social media
  • Cyber-activism and crisis management
  • Brand management and white brands
  • Internal communication, identity and change management
  • Corruption and governance in organizations
  • Entrepreneurs and framing
  • Advertising and e-audience measurement
  • Public diplomacy and public affairs

4. Mass Media, Political Communication and Journalism

  • Cyber-communication and elections
  • Media events and media polarization
  • Cybernetics and communication theory
  • Al Qaeda 3.0: terrorism in the digital years
  • Online audiences  and public consensus
  • Journalism, genres and literary journalism
  • Media effects and political campaigning


IE School of Communication hosted and organized numerous conferences, symposia and seminars, such as: the Symposium Transnational Connections on Political Communication, the ICIG Conference on Corporate Communication, and the Symposium on Education in Corporate Communication.

More than 80 talks and seminars took place at IE School of Communication in the past five years. Some of our speakers were: Wally Olins, Stephen Greyser, Majken Schultz, Umberto Piraccioni, Cees van Reel, Francis Pisani, David Klatell, Alberto Andreu, Ángel Alloza, Luis Arroyo, and Mark Pinsent.


New media communication and business

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