Executive Master in Positive Leadership & Transformation - The Program

Transforming professionals and leaders, enabling them to optimize teams, drive impact and build performance for life.

The Positive Leadership Executive Master’s Degree

Understanding human behavior has never been more crucial—especially when it comes to your workforce. As technology and globalization level the playing field, positive, talented, and engaged employees are key drivers of growth. To unlock their full potential and ensure sustainable high performance in a reality where career spans are lengthened and stress levels are rising, senior professionals need to lead holistically, focusing on the real drivers of engagement as they optimize their business strategy.

The Executive Master in Positive Leadership & Transformation is designed to help experienced leaders further improve their management skills, solving real-world challenges in the most efficient and sustainable way. Participants will learn how to use the power of positive psychology to change perspectives and behaviors, while strengthening their own decision-making, coaching, and business strategy capabilities.

The program will be taught by the sharpest, industry-leading experts. Across 12 months and three different locations, you’ll dive into team-building, leadership, and management activities, making for a collaborative and immersive learning experience.




IE’s part-time format allows you to continue advancing in your career while you study. With our flexible format, you can balance your classes and academic activities with your professional and personal life in an innovative and international environment. You’ll learn using IE’s Online Campus, a platform for everything from lectures to videoconferences, discussion forums, and chats with your classmates and group members. Connect anytime, from anywhere in the world, and tailor your schedule to your busy life. Combined with several face-to-face periods in our Madrid campus, this format is an accurate reflection of how modern global companies operate today.



Executive Master in Positive Leadership Program Structure

*For more information, please contact thomas.dodds@ie.edu.

A new type of executive development

This program is crafted for busy executives who want to revolutionize their effectiveness as leaders. It is compatible with their busy schedules and yet still of sufficient duration to enable them to truly transform the way they lead, and to apply the new methods that they have learned to achieve results in their current work.

Innovative Design

The modern design involves innovative delivery methods and pedagogy such as discovery learning, flipped classroom, peer-to-peer coaching and mentoring, on-the-job assignments, digital learning, virtual classrooms and group work.


Apply as you learn

After each module, participants return to work and actively engage in tackling current leadership challenges using the techniques learned during the training modules.

Bola del mundo

Global leaders

This program is for professionals and leaders who are driven to do great work, have impact and want to leave a legacy in life.


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