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Tech advances and increasing interconnectedness doesn’t come without risks. Cyber crime is ranked among the top three risks the world will face this year in terms of likelihood (World Economic Forum) and this means companies, governments and individuals must prepare for sudden and dramatic disruptions caused by cyber attacks.

Cyber crime also generates huge losses – monetary, reputational, intellectual- so it’s no surprise that this has become every company’s boardroom debate. It is no longer an IT/IS problem, it is a company-wide critical threat, and this situation is forcing organizations of all sizes and types to arm themselves with teams of cyber defenders.

The problem: there’s an extremely short supply of talent in the field, specially one with hands-on tech experience and the bsuiness savvy to lead teams and manage strategies.

As tech has taken over the world, the outlook on jobs and salaries in the digital security field is outstanding.

Hard data...

We expect the world to employ 6 million cybersecurity professionals by 2019. (Cisco)

Hot skills that may lead to a pay raise: threat intelligence, security software development, cloud, auditing, and big data analysis. (ISC)

Between 50-70% of large companies globally have a CISO (chief information security officer) today and 1/3 of hiring managers plan to boost their security teams by 15%. (Center for Cyber Safety and Education)

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