Master in Visual & Digital Media - High-Impact Careers

Quality content is king. Put your creativity to work on the real-world applications of visual and digital media and bridge the gap between creativity and management.

A career that pushes limits

Everyone agrees: in the new digital economy, one of the greatest and most valued work skills is creativity. According to the World Economic Forum, creativity will become one of the top three skills workers will need by 2020.

But as John Cleese elegantly put it, “Creativity is not a talent. It’s a way of operating.”

It’s not only about ideas and inspiration, it’s about being able to conceive, develop, execute, manage, and evaluate all kinds of creative visual and digital media projects from start to finish.

The way brands communicate with consumers is constantly evolving, so jobs in visual and digital media are growing, and fast. There is a need for forward-thinking professionals who can innovate to break boundaries and truly connect with audiences. And that’s exactly what this program prepares you to do.

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Visual & Digital Media Career Opportunities

Booming job prospects

Digital media will increase to 36% of all global advertising spending by 2020, meaning companies will be looking for digital media experts.- Deloitte

With infinite content and less time, visual has become key.

Brands recognize the need for quality content

Content Marketing Institute’s latest trends report stated that, on average, 29% of brands’ total marketing budget is spent on content marketing alone.

The key to consumers' hearts? Content in the form of stories

Storytelling conveys purpose, and businesses with purpose are the ones that ultimately stand out and capture consumer’s hearts and wallets.- Forbes

percent of students found a job within 3 months of graduating

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