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Daniele Tagliavia

About me

Strong analytical skills and entrepreneurial spirit.I have a strong passion for teamwork and problem solving, a natural leadership attitude, and proven adaptability to diverse international environments.

6+ years of international experience in Corporate Communication, Media Relations, Public Affairs

Daniele Tagliavia, Italy


Corporate Communications Manager, Procter & Gamble

My year at IE was the most intense and exciting year of my academic career. It consisted of 10 months of learning from a diverse, world-class faculty, together with an incredibly diverse group of students.

Right after the program, I was selected for a 6-month traineeship at the European Commission in Brussels. I worked at the EU in Brussels for nearly four years in various communication roles, and later joined Procter & Gamble in Rome as Communication Manager in June 2017.
I also joined a startup that developed a software used by over 6 million people worldwide as a communications advisor, and I freelanced for Ketchum, a multinational PR agency.

None of the achievements I’ve made over the last five years would have been possible without completing the master’s at IE.

The program gave me the skills, the mindset, the recognition, and the network I needed to complete my career shift from journalism to corporate communications in the best possible way.