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Lili Kfoury

About me

Highly organized, detail oriented, conscientious self-starter able to strategize and prioritize effectively to accomplish tasks, stay calm under pressure and deliver work in a creative and timely manner. Flexible and analytical, skilled at synthesizing and editing information to achieve overall objectives. Effective communicator, fluent in English, French, Arabic and Armenian, maintain cultural sensitivity, establish rapport with members of a diverse groups and promote team cohesiveness.

Lili Kfoury, Lebanon


Communications Officer at UNWTO

What I really liked about the program, other than the fact that the classes covered a wide variety of unique topics, was being surrounded by intelligent and motivated individuals who inspired me to push my limits every day. The highlight of my experience was being exposed to diverse cultures and learning beyond the classroom. I developed not only my technical skills but also my human skills.

I found the experience I gained in the program very enriching, and it definitely helped me transition smoothly into the workplace.

Working at an international organization has a lot in common with programs at IE like working with different nationalities, cultures and ways of thinking and working.