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Pablo Carvajal

About me

Since I was young, I have always had a soft spot for all types of entertainment, particularly film and music. Currently, I have the enormous pleasure to enjoy this industry not only on the customer side, but also on the business side by working at Apple, making the best possible App Store for our customers. Previously, I was a media editor and partner relations intern for iTunes Movies and iBooks.

After having completed a Masters Degree in Corporate Communication at IE and a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Market Research at Universidad de Granada, I have discovered new opportunities that have helped me build new paths as a professional, enjoy every minute of my job and continue learning. My specialties include digital media, marketing planning, business relations and a solid IT expertise.

Pablo Carvajal, Spain


Corporate Communications at Apple

IE not only represents the highest level of education, but also the opportunity to become part of a vibrant community of ambitious young professionals from all over the world. The Master in Corporate and Marketing Communication helped me better understand the world of communications and be prepared to work efficiently in a fast paced and diverse environment with the ability to deliver the best results.

The school’s highly recognized name and its valuable social clubs’ network, opened several doors for me to work in the entertainment and tech industry at iTunes.

Working with such diverse and international teams in the program helped me adapt and succeed in a worldwide, multicultural company like Apple.