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Brian Hallet


Brian Hallet


Professor, Master in Visual and Digital Media and Master in Customer Experience & Innovation

Creator, The Big Fish Studio


Master in Customer Experience & Innovation

Master in Visual and Digital Media

Pre-Program Software Training
Photography and Video Production
Branded Content and Advertising Production

Professional Experience
Brian is a Photographer, Director and Teacher. As a creative professional, his passion is to work with clients to tell their Brand Stories through unique, high-impact campaigns and visuals. This journey has led him to work around the world in over 18 different countries with numerous international clients. He has lived in five different countries including 9 years in India and the last 14 years in Spain. His experience in the Americas, Europe and Asia as an organizational insider as well as external consultant have given him insight into Brand Identity, Consumer Behaviour, Market Identity and emerging trends in Visual and Digital Media. A specialist in the consumer and luxury sectors, he has created advertising and communications campaigns for brands such as Cartier, Mastercard, Hugo Boss, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Max Factor, ESPN, Patek Phillipe, Hyundai, BMW, Pantene and Wella, amongst others. Brian Hallett founded The Big Fish in Madrid in 2001.

The goal is simple: to help clients tell the story of their brand though images.