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Enrique Dans


Enrique Dans


Professor, Master in Visual and Digital Media

Professor of Innovation, Senior Advisor for Innovation & Digital Transformation, IE Business School


Master in Visual and Digital Media

Digital Media Ecosystem

Professional Experience
Born in La Coruña, in May 14, 1965, Enrique Dans is one of the most prominent Spanish academics in the fields of technology adoption, entrepreneurship and innovation, recently included in the prestigious Thinkers 50 ranking. Besides being a full time professor since 1990, he is also Senior Advisor for Innovation and Digital Transformation at IE.
Enrique graduated with a Baccalaureate in Science at Universidade de Santiago de Compostela in 1989 and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at Instituto de Empresa (1989-90), before joining IE Business School as an Assistant Professor in IS/IT in September 1990. In 1996, Enrique got a grant to pursue doctoral studies at the John E. Anderson Business School at University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA): he graduated with a Ph.D. in Management in 2000, with a dissertation focused on the transition of newspapers from the paper to the screen and the measurable effects of IT adoption in small and medium enterprises.

Whilst at UCLA, Enrique worked as International Management Fellowship (IMF) Program Instructor.
Once returned to Spain in 2000, Enrique rejoined IE Business School as a Full Professor and IS/IT Area Chair, and started a line of collaboration with Spanish newspapers and magazines on technology adoption, innovation, entrepreneurship and the effect of technology at the consumer, corporate and societal level of analysis. Enrique keeps a permanent presence in the Spanish media panorama, is a board member in the digital newspaper El Español, and publishes many articles and collaborations in other newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. In 2016, he got the prestigious Adigital Award in Communication. He also advises online startups and consolidated companies as a consultant or a board member. The newspaper El Mundo has included him in the “Top 25 most influential people in Spain” on the Internet and Technology category every single year since 2006.

Besides that, he is one of the highest ranked professors at IE Business School according to his student evaluations. He teaches several courses in the IS/IT, Innovation and Entrepreneurship areas: “Innovation in a digital world”, “Technology immersion”, “Digital journalism”, “CRM”, “Social web”, and “Managing the tech startup”, with student evaluations consistently above 4 in a scale from 1 to 5.

In February 2003, Enrique started his personal blog, enriquedans.com, and he has been publishing regularly every single day since then, turning it into the most influential technology blog in Spanish.
In 2010, he published his book, “Todo va a cambiar” (“Everything is gonna change”) with a foreword from Vinton Cerf, and became a best-seller in the management category in Spanish. He also published an online social edition of the book at todovaacambiar.com sponsored by two large companies, Banesto and El Corte Inglés, with the full text supplemented with links, pictures, videos and comments. Since July 2013, his blog is also available in English on Medium.
Enrique is married to Susana Alosete, a very well known TV blogger and social media professional.
They have one daughter, Claudia, twenty-three years old, also a blogger, passionately geek, who graduated in Advertising last year and is now working in the same field.