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Javier Minguez


Javier Minguez


Professor, Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior

CoFounder, Bit&Brain Technologies


Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior

Neuromarketing & Consumer Behavior

Professional Experience
• Professor of Computer Science and Lecturer of Neurotechnology in the Neuroscience Biomedical and Engineering Schools at the University of Zaragoza (Spain), and invited lecturer and researcher at 10+ academic institutions such as Stanford University, IE Business School, etc
• Co-founder of BitBrain Technologies, global leading company in the development of neurotechnologies for markets like Health, Market Research, Enterteinment, etc
• Raised funds for innovation from 50+ private partners such as L’Oréal, La Caixa, Nissan, or Moltex; and for research in 30+ projects from public entities such as the European Commission and the Spanish Ministry of Science
• 110+ research publications and 5+ patents in the areas of neuroscience, neural engineering, brain-machine technology, human-computer interaction, cognitive and motor neurorehabilitation, intelligent robotics, and market research
• R&D achievements: several early prototypes of robots controlled by brain-computer interfaces (a wheelchair, a telepresence robot and a robotic arm), the first neurotechnology for personalized cognitive enhancement, and the first neurotechnology for emotion/engagement detection in market research
• Received 25+ international awards such as the Iberoamerican Award to Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the second prize in the European Commission-ICT Best Company and Best Investment Opportunity, and the International Entrepreneur Award of the Everis Fundation.
• Speaker at 300+ events related to research and innovation such as the Real Academy of Medicine of Spain, the ICT EU Conference, several IEEE International Conferences, Campus Party, etc
• Executive of IEEE Spanish Robotics section, having been called several times to defend the Spanish interests in the EU R&D roadmaps
• R&D featured in Wired, New Scientist, BBC, The Economist, The Telegraph, CNN, Daily News, Business Because; and TVE, Antena3, TeleCinco, Cuatro, La Sexta, El Mundo, El país, Muy Interesante, …

Cofounder – Bit&Brain Technologies
Professor of Computer Science and Lecturer in Neurotechnology
Ramon & Cajal Post-Doctoral Researcher – Universidad de Zaragoza

Major, Physic Science – UCM