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Jesús Prada Alonso


Jesús Prada Alonso


Professor, Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

Data Scientist, Freelance


Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

Programming – R

Professor Prada possesses a double-degree program in informatics and mathematics, a master’s double-degree of applied mathematics + master of investigation and innovation in information and communications technology, machine learning specialty and is currently finalizing a PhD. in machine learning. He has 6+ years of experience as a researcher in machine learning applied to real-world problems, including renewable energies and healthcare. He has published five papers on this topic and plan to publish another one in the coming months. He also has knowledge of the corporate world, having 4+ years of experience as a Data Scientist working for different companies ranging from healthcare startups to airline companies. In his freetime, his main hobbies are sports and travelling.