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Wim Focquet


Wim Focquet


Professor, Master in Talent Development & Human Resources

Human Resources & CSR Director BELUX, DPD (Belgium) NV/SA
Founder and Managing Partner, Alma de Lobo, SL


Master in Talent Development & Human Resources

Meeting With the Academic Director
Meeting With the Academic Director II
Meeting With the Academic Director III
Challenge II: Defining Your Personal Purpose
Assessment & Psychometric Models: an Overview

Professional experience
Professor of Transformational Human Resources Management, Digital Workplace Dynamics and Talent Development & Management, Talent Analytics.

Wim Focquet is an experienced speaker, educator and consultant with a focus on talent management and coaching executives in a wide range of industries. He concentrates on helping organizations in growing their business by growing the people inside and improving the conversation with clients, employees and other stakeholders. He assists and coaches leaders to tap into their authentic self and encourages them to follow their dreams.

He holds a Master’s degree in Germanic Philology from Ghent University. He complemented this with a Master’s degree in Management and Commercial Communications and an MBA in Marketing Management at Vlerick Management School.

Wim worked in both Sales & Marketing (until 1995 ) and HR related roles. In 2001 Wim founded his own management consultancy focusing on attracting the right people and developing their leadership skills. In 2011 he moved to Spain where he joined one of his corporate customers as Regional HR Director SEMEA, later Europe and Americas to become part of a task force aiming at optimizing the customer experience.

Currently, Wim acts as Academic Director HR and Talent Management at at IE Business School in Madrid. His aim is to offer to a group of professionals deep knowledge of strategic HR, new organizational models, talent and first-rate analytics to turn the HR function into a competitive advantage in the new workplace, leveraging the power of positive human behavior.

Next to this he delivers business (behavioral and sales) related coaching and training. He combines high tech solutions with a high touch consultancy approach to improve team effectiveness. He helps senior executives in dealing with complexity applying behavioral psychology, people analytics and positive leadership.