Diary of a MIR Student

Por fin!!!  Finals week is coming to a close and the atmosphere around IE and the MIR students is one of both fatigue and glee.

Monday and Tuesday saw a final exam each day in both our IR of the Middle East class and Management of Multinational Corporations.  Today we are to receive a take-home exam in our Financial Markets class, and tomorrow we’ll have access to our Game Theory exam.

Fortunately, Thursday will see an excellent opportunity to let off some of the pent-up steam we’ve all been building up.  IE’s campus up at Serrano 99 will play host to a truly anticipated event – Global Village.  This is an opportunity for all the countries represented by the diverse student body to put up a stand and show off their national dishes, dances, dress and drink!

With any luck, the weather will be bright and sunny.  Until then, however, I am okay with clouds as I’ ll likely be in the library studying.

Written by Aaron Thornburg, IE Master in International Relations Student