Diary of a MIR Student

A great week it was…

I just had an amazing week! I had some people visit me over the past week with whom I really enjoyed spending time. I went to the museum Prado, the park Retiro, and out to lounges, restaurants and other sites in Madrid to which I had never been. It was probably the least productive week I have had since I arrived in Madrid; but it was perhaps the best week, as well.

I also finished my thesis this past week. The title of my thesis is The Intimate Relationship between Economic Development and Public Health, and it describes how economic development leads to an improvement in the overall health of the population. Even though I already knew quite a lot concerning this topic, it took me about two months of hard work to complete the thesis.

Now that I have completed my thesis, my focus will be on finding a job. I won´t start work for about another four months, and so starting the application process now should leave me with plenty of time. Also, classes began again this week; but since it was the first week, the work load wasn´t much.