Diary of a MIR Student

Job search…

I started applying for jobs this week. As anticipated, the beginning was slowed by gathering/amending everything needed to submit applications, such as cover letters, transcripts, and the like. I began with consulting companies in Europe and will proceed next to American and more global consulting firms. Also on my list will be the sports industry, investment banking, and particular government positions in the U.S. In all, I´ll be applying to over 40 companies and to locations in the U.S., Western Europe, the Middle East, and also other counties of interest such as Singapore and Colombia. Aside from when applying to places in the U.S., I expect the greatest obstacles to obtaining a job will be language and papers – especially here in Western Europe.

This coming weekend, I´ll be traveling to Barcelona to visit someone and to explore the city. I have never been there before, but I have heard great things about the city and I’m excited to get to know it (and also to take the Ave!).