Diary of a MIR Student

This will be my last post…

I said last week that I would explain why IE Business School is such a great option; so, I will begin with that. The main reason why I chose to study at IE was because it was much cheaper than graduate schools in the U.S. This reason may not be understood by all – especially if you if you are not from the States; however the following reasons certainly can resonate with all. The programs at IE are very short, and very intense — a preferable method to many over the long, slow-paced programs in the U.S. and in most other countries. I believe the best thing about IE, though, is the international student body and professors, from whom you can learn much. Lastly, IE desires for you to have a balance between study and personal life/fun/relaxing, and also a balance in class concerning the teaching method and material.

My year and a half (I did two programs) at IE Business School was one of the best periods of my life and I highly recommend embarking upon this memorable experience to all. Good luck to all of those who will study at IE Business School in the future, and I know that your experience here will be just as unforgettably great as mine was.