Diary of a MIR Student


Tomorrow marks the beginning of the third semester for the MIR program.  We’ll have only two classes instead of the typical three which is a nice way to start the semester.  But as we already have readings for them both, we’ll have to all show up with our ‘A’ game.  Our first class is ‘Rational Choice, Game Theory and International Relations’ and then we have ‘Challenges to Democracy in Latin America’, both of which sound really promising.  Plus, this is the semester that everyone is feeling the squeeze of the upcoming Thesis deadlines so there’s not a lot of time to relax.  Everyone has finalized their Thesis topics and gathered loads of research, now we just need to shift through it all and actually write it…so wish me luck.  As for now, I am off to organize for the first day of our last MIR semester!

Written by Aaron Thornburg, IE Master in International Relations Student