Diary of a MIR Student

As this is an introductory post, I guess I should start by introducing myself.  My name is Aaron Thornburg and I am an American with fascinations regarding all things international.  Whether it simply be traveling the world, further understanding the international inter-connectivity of it all or even the importance of diplomacy in this globalizing world, I realize I am drawn towards international relations.  I also have interests in furthering myself and my marketability—really gaining a continuing and deeper knowledge concerning all topics related to IR.  Thus, for the academic year of 2011, I ll be studying at IE in pursuit of my Masters in International Relations (MIR).  It makes perfect sense as Madrid is an amazing capital city, in the heart of Europe and also IE is a globally respected institution recognized for quality graduate studies.

The MIR program is young, but already I have seen a return in value.  The students with whom I study come from all over the world and are open and happy to share their perspectives and ‘cultural takes’ on anything I might ask them.  The professors have very impressive backgrounds and experience in various fields of IR and the classes cover a wide variety of subjects related to IR.  Speaking of the many different subjects…I have readings to get done for tomorrow, a memo to prepare, and a group meeting to go to, so I should go.  But before I do, I’ll just say that I look forward to posting my experiences and perceptions of the MIR at IE in hopes that I can help those reading to see that IE is a great place to study, and Madrid a great place to live.  Hopefully this blog helps to attract those in pursuit of an IR degree—I recall having some doubts when I was browsing for IR graduate schools and I would have benefited greatly with guidance from others who have been through similar situations.  One thing I don’t have doubts about is that I am completely happy here in Madrid.

Written by Aaron Thornburg, IE Master in International Relations Student