Diary of a MIR Student

This is our last week before a nice break from school for Semana Santa, or Easter, as many of us may better know it.  But this doesn’t mean we’ve slowed down the pace here on campus.  Indeed, quite the contrary, as we just began a new class entitled, “Management of the Multinational Corporation”.  This class is taught by a German professor who not only has great international experience in the business world, but also an MBA from Wharton evidencing his academic prowess.

It looks like it will be an excellent class as it combines the best of both worlds here at IE.  We will be relying heavily on the Harvard Business School case method, just as the top-ranked IE IMBA program does.  This proven technique is a great way to deliver key business concepts based on real-life business contexts, but the MIR program will be further applying these concepts to international and political spheres and examples, both current and historical.  Our first case will touch on Kellogg’s and General Mills and I am sure this dynamic professor can make even breakfast cereal an interesting lecture.

Written by Aaron Thornburg, IE Master in International Relations Student