IE MIR Alumni Update: Kirit Patel, MIR 2011/2012 Alumnus

In this new bi-monthly MIR Alumni Update, we feature different MIR alumni around the world.

Ou first post will feature Kirit Patel, MIR 2011/2012 Alumnus who has just joined the United Nations in New York as Associate Economic Affairs Officer.

Here is what he writes:

“My role as Associate Economic Affairs Officer is quite broad. I work in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs in a Division called ‘Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination’, and within that division I work in branch of about 10 People called ‘Policy Coordination Branch’. Our work is to help the Economic and Social Council reach consensus and then ensuring an integrated and coordinated implementation of and follow-up to what is agreed at various ECOSOC conferences and summits.

This week, our branch hosted an Expert Group Meeting/Workshop on the following “Addressing on-going and emerging challenges for meeting the Millennium Development Goals in 2015 and for sustaining gains the future”. Experts from UN System Partners, NGO’s, and other multi-lateral institutions were in attendance. The main topics for debate were the role of institutions in supporting sustainable development, inclusive development, measuring development progress, and the lessons learned from previous ECOSOC administrative practices (to support the ongoing reform process).

My role was to organise and stimulate debate amongst participants and I am currently drafting the summary note of the workshop. Other tasks I am involved in include reviewing DESA editorials, speech writing, and drafting internal communications between the Secretariat and the Member State representatives.

This has been a whirlwind experience. When I landed in NY at midnight I started practically immediately – the next morning! There is a lot of energy here with very interesting people and good social dynamic. This post was initially temporary but the good news is that I was just offered a permanent contract in the UN Young Professionals Program (YPP) in the position I am currenty in! “