Diary of a MIR Student

Semana Santa

This was a much needed week of catching up and relaxing. I am nearly done with my thesis; and although I haven´t sent out any applications, I have chosen all of the companies to which I will apply (and I will begin applying this coming week). Aside from that, this week I caught up on my rest, spent time with some friends who are visiting and also with others who live here in Madrid whom I haven´t seen for a while, and further, I started planning some small weekend trips for the next 3 months.

We begin the final semester this Tuesday and I´m looking forward to everything that will transpire over the next 3 months: spending time with all my friends in Madrid, traveling, finding out to where I will be moving and where I will be working, completing my thesis and my degree, and hopefully, improving my Spanish. I would really like to strike a balance this final semester while balancing many responsibilities at once. It is rather difficult in this intensive program; yet, it can be done if time is well-managed.