Super Bowl Weekend!

06 /02 /2012

drew-042-1I had a couple of meetings this week concerning a job possibility; and in the program, I had one presentation and an essay due. Some of the essays for last week and this week aren’t due for another two months; but I prefer to get them done now, so that when the weather improves, I can spend my time hiking, running, or traveling, rather than writing essays.

Saturday night we had a party to celebrate the birthday of 3 girls in our program: Mitzi, Cynthia, and Erin. The theme was the 80´s and everyone evidently spent a lot of time getting dressed for this party. Sunday was the Super Bowl, and even though it´s an American game, the entertainment aspect of American football is so engaging that almost anyone can enjoy it. The non-Americans who weren’t familiar with how the game of American football is played were educated by the Americans; however, the complexity of the sport is too much to grasp in one game and so we kept it simple and focused on merely the score.

The students in the program seem to be really close already and with traveling season and the Brussels trip still to come, I´m sure they will only become closer. One teacher said that, in a way, being in this program is like serving in the Marine Corp – one cultivates friendships for life.

Written by Andrew Herrin, IE Master in International Relations Student