Diary of a MIR student

Trip to Brussels

drew-042-1I apologize for not having written in a while, but I was swamped with final exams, presentations, and essays at the end of the term. However, the term is over now and I am in Brussels for a week with the program. We have already visited the European Commission and this week we will visit NATO and the European Parliament. The trip is well-organized and the students have the program staff/leadership to thank for that. Surely, it will be a week that the students remember most about the program.

When we come back from Brussels, we have 12 days free before the 3rd and final term begins. I don’t yet have concrete plans for the 12 days, though I believe I will stay in Madrid. I have a lot of friends in Madrid whom I have not seen for a while and staying will allow me to finish my thesis early so that I can focus on my future over the remaining four months.

Written by Andrew Herrin, IE Master in International Relations Student