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Carlos Alejandro Ang


Carlos Alejandro Ang


Professor, Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

Founder, Novalia Software Services


Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

SQL Data Modelling
NOSQL Databases

Carlos Alejandro is a graduate in economics science by Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He begin working for IBM during 14 years, and later after, founded a company called Novalia Software Services. While he was at IBM, he was the technical leader of the DB2 Database Support Area at Spain. During several years, he also served as a member of the European IBM DB2 SWAT team. He has been involved as DB2 technical specialist at a great number of deals with Data Warehousing proyects, mostly for banking and insurance companies. At Novalia, he kept his involvement with Data Warehousing, Database Migrations, Parallel Database Processing, Data Consolidation proyects, etc. mainly with retail chains. Besides he has been a teacher at the Luzti IBM Learning Services, giving out IBM DB2 Oficial courses. He also colaborates with the DB2 Users Group, IBM DB2 Marketing Dept., etc., teaching at seminars about DB2 issues