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Carlota García-Abril


Carlota García-Abril


Professor, Master in Customer Experience & Innovation

Digital Transformation Consultant, Prisa Revistas
Partner, Espacio en Blanco y Negro


Master in Customer Experience & Innovation

Branding & Marketing

Professional Experience
Carlota García-Abril has 20+ years experience in business management, digital strategy, corporate communications, PR, marketing, and research. After a career of corporate positions, she is now working as an independent consultant in the field of digital transformation and communications. Previously she worked as director and head of marketing, communications and research for the consultancy and agency firm Good Rebels. Before that she worked as a consultant for the advertising firm TBWA, and was the head of the PR agency Dos Folios y Medio.

She’s fascinated by the impact of the digital revolution in traditional communications, and by its enormous possibilities. I am also very interested at the turn brands are taking in their communications facing the concerns of the public opinion with regards to a sustainable world.