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Carmen Abril


Carmen Abril


Professor, Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior

Partner, Marketingthinking


Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior

Marketing fundamentals – The mix

Professional Experience
Specialist in Brand Building and Innovation, Professor Carmen Abril’s career has been largely forged at Pepsico Beverages where she held the position of Marketing Vice President for Spain and Greece. She was also member of the “Pepsico Beverages International Marketing Committe “.

As the responsible for the relaunch of Pepsi in Spain and internationally, Carmen was a pioneer in the use of innovation as a competitive strategy in the soft drinks market.
“In Pepsico, I led an aggressive and successful strategy based on innovation and diversification, which included the development of new products both on a local and global level, as well as strategic alliances with other companies in order to compete more effectively in new segments and markets. This has resulted in a sustainable growth of sales and share, and in a remarkable improvement in the brand´s key performance indicators”, explains professor Abril who combines teaching and management experience.

Carmen holds a degree in Mathematics from the Complutense University, Madrid, a Master in Economy and Business Administration from IESE, and holds a PhD in Business and Economics from the Complutense University in Madrid, where she also works as an associate professor in the Marketing Department. She is founder and partner of “marketingthinking” company, focused on innovation development and brand strategy.

Professor Abril began her professional carreer in Gillette and later in Unilever, where she was part of the “European Personal Care Innovation Center. During her career, Carmen has received numerous awards, including “Marketeer of the Year” from “Advertising Age” magazine and the “Best Advertiser Award” from the Spanish Advertising Agencies Association.

Furthermore, she received five golden awards, five silver and three bronze at the Spanish Advertising Festival in San Sebastián, and two bronze “lions” at the Cannes Advertising Festival. She has also been awarded with the “Pepsico Internacional Marketing Award “ as well as with the “Pepsico High Performance Leadership and Innovation Award”.