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Francisco Ginel


Francisco Ginel


Professor, Master in Cybersecurity

Strategy Advisor. Helping startups to succeed, Freelance


Master in Cybersecurity

Audit Process, Methods, and Frameworks

Professional Experience
20 years at Visa, 2 years as a startup CEO and 17 years at Telefonica is my baggage. Most of those years in
Risk Management and IT Security related positions

Strategy Advisor. Helping Startups to suceed. Autónomo
Director de Alianzas estratégicas B2B Security, Telefónica Global Solutions
Director B2B Global Marketing – Security Products and Services, Telefónica Digital
Director Marketing Security Products and Services, Telefónica Digital
Director Information Security Services – Global Security, Telefónica
Director A.N. Seguridad, Telefónica Soluciones
Director Área de Negocio Seguridad – GGCC
Director Servicios Hosting/Outsourcing, Telefónica Data
Director Servicios Seguridad y Protección de la Información, Telefónica Data
Director General, ACE – Agencia de Certificación Electrónica
Director, Risk Management, VISA

Master en Marketing y Gestión Comercial, ESIC
Licenciado Filología Italiana, Universidad Complutense de Madrid