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The IE Graduate Summer School will help you discover the exciting career possibilities waiting for you.

In Weeks 2 and 3, IE Summer School students personalise their experience choosing to specialize in one track from the available options each year. This allows students to delve deeper into an area of their interest, expanding their knowledge and challenging them to change their perceptions.

These two weeks equip students with a well-rounded view of the different areas that make up modern organizations, allowing young, high-achieving students to explore the possibilities for their career trajectories.

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Typical Day | IE Summer School

Marketing & Communication

In the Marketing & Communication track, you will gain a 360 degrees perspective of the foundations required to build a successful and integrated marketing and communication strategy. Through a practical approach, you will understand and evaluate today´s most relevant trends in neuromarketing, crisis communication, channel management, branded content, and digital marketing and social media. Upon completion of this track, you will have a consolidated understanding of the impact that a well-rounded marketing and communication strategy has on a product´s or service´s competitive advantage.

Content highlights:

1. The Importance of a Value Proposition
2. Branded Content
3. Technology and Communication
4. Neuromarketing

Professor Spotlight

Ana Rumschisky

Ana Rumschisky has a wide and varied experience in marketing in Spain, having worked in both blue-chip national and multinational companies. She has combined this practical experience with an excellent and relevant academic background.

“Marketing”, she says, “is a constantly evolving science, reflecting changes in consumers, society and technology. These changes offer the marketing professional new challenges and the delight of discovery every day”.

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International Finance

In the International Finance track students will cover the key and most trendy topics of the finance industry such as Private Equity & Entrepreneurship, Valuation, Derivatives, Risk Management, Capital Markets and Alternative markets. With or without previous studies of finance, if you feel passionate about embarking on an ambitious career in the financial world, this course will be a great stepping stone towards your goal.

Content highlights

1. FinTech
2. Risk Management
3. Traditional & Alternative Markets
4. Foundations of Corporate Modelling

Professor Spotlight

Damián Rubianes

Professor Damián Rubianes has more than 20 years of experience in capital markets, corporate finance and investment management, working for some of the top global financial institutions. He started his career at J.P. Morgan and since then has worked for Ernst & Young, BNP Paribas and Haitong Securities, where he was a Managing Director and Head of Equity and Debt Capital Markets in Spain. Damian has also been a guest speaker at leading financial institutions like the London Stock Exchange, UK Trade & Investment, and Mergermarket, among others.

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Innovation and Technology

In the Innovation and Technology track, students are exposed to the key areas of knowledge that are changing the world, such as digital transformation, big data, digital innovation, and disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and 3D printing. In a world where the leading companies, the game-changers, are digital players, understanding the interplay of technology, innovation and management is a key advantage that will help you kick start your career as a digital innovator.

Content highlights

1. Blockchain across Verticals
2. Cybersecurity: The Challenge of the Future
3. Design and operations of machine learning and artificial intelligence systems
4. Quantum Computing

Professor Spotlight

Rafif Srour

Professor Rafif Srour has 15 years of experience in teaching, consultancy, analytical and empirical research, and data analysis. She is an expert in the area of Statistics and Mathematics and in the integration of innovative and conventional educational methods to improve students acquisition of concepts they deem challenging. She has been a consultant for international projects in Spain, Lebanon and USA. Furthermore,  Professor Scroar is the Academic Director of BSc in Data and Business Analytics for the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology and a multiple times winner of Best Professor Award given by the students.

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Impact of Design on Business and Environment

In the Impact of Design on Business and Evironment track you will learn to understand the relevance and the impact of Design related issues on people, behaviors, experiences, cultures, hence, on the organizations. It will provide knowledge and data about design, strategy and sustainability. The key is to understand the interrelation of these 3 areas.

Content Spotlight:

1. Real case project for MUJI
2. Strategic Design
3. Sustainability
4. Human Behaviors

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*Please note that every track requires a minimum of enrolled students to take place.

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