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Graduate Summer School Student Profile and Alumni Benefits


Every year, the IE Graduate Summer School welcomes an exciting group of diverse young students from different academic backgrounds and nationalities. IE´s power to attract talent from every corner of the world is an irreplaceable edge that enriches the program as a truly transformational academic experience.

This summer, do not miss the chance to experience diversity at its best. The IE Graduate Summer School is your opportunity to have a unique and unforgettable experience of a global community!

Class Profile

Academic Backgrounds

  • Business 35%
  • Engineering 17%
  • International Relations 12%
  • Law 10%
  • Marketing & Communication 8%
  • Architecture 7%
  • Others 11%

International diversity

  • Spain 26%
  • Latin America 26%
  • Europe 19%
  • Middle East & Africa 17%
  • Asia Pacific 9%
  • North America 3%

Gender diversity

  • Female 54%
  • Male 46%

Alumni benefits

The IE Graduate Summer School offers a unique opportunity to explore exciting possibilities for your professional future. Upon completion of the program, our graduates are entitled to a series of benefits if they apply to one of IE’s Master Programs:

  • Exemption from the application fee of €125
  • The student will be required to submit just one letter of recommendation. The normal process requires two.
  • Fast – track Admissions service, with a response confirming their admission’s status within three weeks of submitting all required documents.
  • Once admission to Master’s Program is granted the student will be considered for a special Financial Aid fund.
Alumni Benefits | IE Summer School

*Please note that this applies to all graduates from previous IE Graduate Summer School editions. To enjoy these benefits, applicants should specify in their master’s online application form that they are graduates from the IE Summer School.