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Campus 89 Chapter – Paper


This is an initiative of UNICEF Spain aimed at university students. It is made up of groups of young people convinced that the well-being of children is everyone’s responsibility, and that they, from their own environments and circumstances, are capable of contributing to making children’s rights a reality. The Campus 89 Club hopes to inspire students by highlighting the work done by UNICEF, offering possible actions for change, tackling the SDG goals related to children and empowering our community to take an active stance towards a better future.


The Campus 89 Club is focused on children and base their events on dates that UNICEF celebrates with the goal of raising awareness of children’s rights and the limits they currently face.


IE Campus89’s goal is to RISE. We want to raise awareness, inspire students by showing the continuous and important work done by UNICEF and highlight possible actions for change, serve as channel to tackle the SDG goals with regards to children and empower our community to take an active stance towards a better future.

Quick facts

Area of work within the Committee: Paper

Future Projects around the main area: WIP

External partner: Unicef

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