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Ethics & Compliance Club


Our mission is to foster discussions about areas that involve ethics and compliance, as well as solidifying IE’s worldwide position as a centre of excellence.


We believe that integrity and ethical business practices are the basis of a sustainable society. As a club, we would like to keep this perspective visible to be able to maintain a long-term value-driven culture.


As student leaders, we are aware that we are the future of sustainable development. Therefore, we put this responsibility at the forefront of our activities, events and projects. We will be focusing on three different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 9, 16 and 17. We will also organize webinars with prestigious guest speakers to discuss ethics and compliance-related topics. A weekly newsletter about corporate risk, governance and global issues will be sent out every Friday. Lastly, we will recommend movies, books, podcasts, news and real-life cases about ethics and compliance.


Profile - Diane Valat Diane Valat


Profile - Victoria Lujan Victoria Lujan

Vice President

Profile - Fernanda Medeiros Fernanda Medeiros

Project Management Officer

Profile - Jessica Mendez Jessica Mendez

PR & Communication Officer

Profile - Liza-Marie Azar Liza-Marie Azar

Club Secretary


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