Education for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

At IE University we believe that through education we will be able to achieve each of the SDGs.
We train leaders capable of understanding the interconnectedness of the SDGs and give them the skills, knowledge and expertise to solve these complex global concerns.  
Student learning includes systems thinking, so they have a holistic perspective of the issues that the UN 2030 Agenda aims to solve, facilitating deeper understanding and problem solving.
In the classroom, labs and research journeys, students put theory into practice for solution-oriented activities for challenges facing the world.
We guide and encourage students to lead extracurricular activities that support SDGs through charitable actions and awareness-raising events.
Within the framework of the SDGs, logically number 4 is the one that best responds to our raison d’etre.

To see how our coursework for our International MBA program incorporates content related to the SDG areas, see here.