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IE University is for students who approach learning as a way of life. We provide a supportive community where students and faculty interact together in the learning process.

IE University has a personalized, student-centric community with a rich diversity of individuals, ideas, and approaches. Each year over 130 nationalities are represented on its campus, with over 75% of its students coming from outside of Spain.

IE University is recognized around the world and by the most prestigious associations for its high-quality teaching. With an innovative vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and a focus on humanities and academic rigor, IE University is committed to educating professionals who will make a difference to society. Our practice-based approach to learning starts in the classroom and continues all around the world, preparing our students to become international professionals.

If you want an inspiring and challenging education that will shape who you are and who you will become, IE University will broaden your horizons, connect you to the world and guide you on the unique path needed to achieve your goals.


    At IE University we are dedicated to ensuring our students are the focus of our innovative vision and entrepreneurial spirit. We pride ourselves on a practice-based approach to help launch students from over 130 nationalities into professional life, made possible through our dedication to academic austerity.


    Ready to discover all that IE University has to offer? IEU prides itself on its faculty, resources, and students who regard learning as a way of life. Focused on a unique learning environment, richly diverse community, and academic rigor, it ensures all students are guided correctly towards their chosen path.


    At IE University our students are the heart of our idea-driven community. The rich, diverse, and globalized learning environment we offer enhances learning for each individual and our unique learning environment makes it possible for everyone to embark on their own personalized professional journey.

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    With professional experience, diversity, and passion, each member of our faculty takes pride in being committed to the university and its students. With more than 500 professors, each student can benefit from a personalized mentor to help and guide them throughout their journey at IE University.

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    Recognized nationally and globally, IE University's commitment to research has involved contributions in books, articles, case studies, and working papers. This scale of research has helped IE University impart similar excellence in graduate and postgraduate study programs.



Enjoy a truly international experience in Segovia and Madrid.

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The IE University Pathways streamline related subject areas to guide you towards the program that’s right for you. We give you the power to control your own journey according to your unique goals. After deciding which pathway to take, you’ll be in a better position to define your individual professional trajectory. Guided by a world-class faculty and surrounded by other innovative minds, you’ll have the freedom to explore as you discover your own destination. Explore the 7 Pathway to find the specific program that fits with your career goals.


Latest news

Hay Festival | IE University

IE University’s Segovia campus will host Hay Festival events on the challenges of peace, sustainability, and the global economy

IE University will be the venue for more than 20 events on its Segovia campus, September 16-19. Photo: Roberto Arribas.

Between September 16 and 19, IE University will host more than 20 events during the Hay Festival Segovia 2021, the international cultural festival and recipient of the Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities in 2020. The prospects for world peace, challenges of sustainability, and growth of the global economy will be among the topics covered at IE University’s Segovia campus. This year’s edition will be hybrid, bringing together international figures in person and broadcast via live streaming.

Among the speakers, IE University will host Nobel Peace Prize winner and former President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, who will talk with human rights activist Ingrid Betancourt in a debate moderated by Diego del Alcázar Benjumea, CEO of IE University.

15 Sep 2021


On Campus
IE University begins the academic year with more than 8,000 students

IE University begins the academic year with more than 8,000 students from over 140 countries and expands its academic program of double degrees

IE University kicks off the academic year with more than 1,700 new undergraduate students of 88 nationalities. 78% are international and 54% are ...

13 Sep 2021


On Campus
IE University international mobility research | IE University

Studying abroad during pandemic, key to personal and professional development, according to IE University international mobility research

The report evaluates public attitudes in the UK, Spain, France and the US, towards international travel during the pandemic. Outside of students home ...

29 Jul 2021


IE University delivered 60k face-to-face & 25k online classes

IE University has delivered more than 60,000 face-to-face and 25,000 online classes this academic year as part of its commitment to Liquid Learning

In an effort to protect the health of its community, IE University has administered more than 55,000 Covid tests at its campus infirmaries since June ...

27 Jul 2021


On Campus
7th Asian Economic Journalism Awards | IE University

IE University announces the finalists for the 7th Asian Economic Journalism Awards

Over 100 articles, interviews, reports and other news formats released in over 30 publications throughout the Asian region were submitted to IE ...

23 Jul 2021


Carolina Barco | IE University

IE University celebrates the class of 2021 – 2,500 students from 140 countries – with a graduation keynote by Colombian diplomat Carolina Barco

The virtual and immersive graduation ceremony comes after a series of in-person events held on campus for the graduating students of IE ...

23 Jul 2021


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